There are many ways to volunteer with the  Friends of the Costa Mesa Libraries

If you have a talent, we can probably use it!  Our Friends group has two bookstores,  in addition to our newsletter,  website, and working with our Friends of the Library Board.

And each of these divisions includes a variety of opportunities to contribute your time and energy.  All volunteers must be members of the Friends of the Costa Mesa Libraries.  Just fill out our volunteer_app and send it to us.

Help Wanted

Volunteer at one of our bookstores. There is one at the Mesa Verde Library at 2969 Mesa Verde Drive East, and one at the Costa Mesa Donald Dungan Library at 1855 Park Avenue.

Volunteer to serve on the Friends board. Board members should be those who feel a strong commitment for service to the organization. A board member serves as president, vice president for membership, secretary or treasurer or on one or more of the committees, including bookstores, advocacy and publicity, newsletter, website, programs, and others as needed.

Special Events. Some people are too busy to volunteer on a regular basis, but can usually be depended upon to help with special events that occur only occasionally. This may be for book sales, special programs and more.



President – Bob Ooten

VP Membership – Donna Stapleton

VP Programs – Katie Crawford

Secretary – Judith Lamb

Treasurer -Branka Hubbard

Mesa Verde Bookstore manager – Bob Ooten

Dungan Bookstore manager – Mary Ellen Goddard

None – Purchaser

Newsletter Editor and PR — Scarlett Finney

Mesa Verde Bookstore Liaison Michele —  Jett

Book Sale manager – Mary Ellen Goddard.

Volunteer Coordinator – Marylouise Awana

Public relations chair – Scarlett Finey