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Benefits of Membership in the Friends

 As a member of the Friends, your voice will be heard on library issues- and together our voices become louder as our membership grows. 

  • You will receive The Binding, the quarterly newsletter of the Friends of the Costa Mesa Libraries.
  • You can receive email notices of programs and events at our libraries.
  • You will have opportunities for joining others in volunteer activities.   

 Membership brings many rewards, including the knowledge and sense of fulfillment that comes with supporting an important and vital community resource - our Costa Mesa public libraries!

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Membership Fees:
Individual $15
Family $20
Patron $50
Business / Organization $100
Lifetime $200
Benefactor $500

Membership Application 10-2-19 (pdf)


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Life Members

Life Members


Judy & Norman Ablett

John D Adams, Jr.

Susan & Richio Aikawa

Charlotte & Richard Alexander

Laura Anderson & Ted Schulman

Toby & Peter Baran

Kathy & Jess Bequette

Carolyn Bjork

Darcy & Ross Bolton

Millie & Myron Bonca

Sharon & George Boudreau

Dale Braun

Wendy Bryan

A.A. & Audrey Burnand

Chris Cameron & Bill Butler

Stephanie Campbell

LuAnn & Rick Campo

Ken Cave

Victoria Chau

Laetitia & Harvey Chernik

Susanna Clemans

Tracey & Hugh Daschbach

Barbara Davia

Victoria Davis

Marian & Pete Dickey

Joan M. Donahue

Susan Baer Epstein

Patricia Evans

Lori Ann Farrell

Lois & James Fisher

Kathryn & James Fitzpatrick

Marilyn M. Fry

Joanne C. Gant

Sydney & Larry Gielow

Mary Ellen and Art Goddard

Tamar & Dan Goldmann

Elizabeth Grant

Life Members

Life Members

Life Members

Anne Hinkle

Mary Hornbuckle

Cheryl Hosman

Raymond & Branka Hubbard

Ruby Hunt

Debby & Terry Koken

Sue & Kurth Krause

Janet Krochman

Judith & Andy Lamb

Barbara & Mark Les

Gina Lesley

Susan Lester

Rachel Levin

Nora M. Lusk

Lois Machida

Setsuko Malora

Janette Manderson

Carolyn Marsh

Jeff Mathews

Christy McAnlis

Audrey McLaughlin

Robert Mohr

Katherine Monsour

Barbara & Steve Morihiro

Brion Munsey

Crystal Nay

Sherrie & Darrell Neft

James M. Neighbors

Dolores N. Nevins

Minh Nguyen

Thuc X. Nguyen

Cheryl & Bob Ooten

Sue  Paskerian

Elizabeh V. Pattison

Roberta and Avi Peri

David&Jessica Pierucci

Melissa& Daniel Pietenpol

Life Members


Cynthia Reynolds

Lene & Jim Righeimer

John D. Rittenhouse

Carolyn Russell

Dianne Louise Russell

Tehnaz & Richard Rutledge

Barbara & Dan Rycroft

Tina & Ken Ryder

Terry Sanders

Arlene Schafer

Sandi & Mike Scheafer

Belinda Schober

Laurie Schoner

Marilyn & Terry Shaw

Willa Sigler

Gene Stanley

Dean & Donna Stapleton

Trinh-ai & Robert Tasedan

Barbara Thibault

Carolyn Thomas

Pauline Thomas

Janet Thompson

Aniz Uhler

Laurie & Larry Weichman

Jane & Forrest Werner

Kathleen West

Ann & Don Williams

Joyce Woerner

Alison & Andrew Wright

Van O. Wright

Donna Yelich

Kathie & Ray Young

Arlene Young

2020 Patrons


Karen & Joe Barloon

Carol Bernstein

Chloe & Edward Conti

Megan Delaney

Cheryl Fletcher

Carol Halback

Mary Howard

Larry Howell

Cheiko Ishiyama

2020 Patrons

2020 Patrons

2020 Patrons

 Michelle Kogler

Lane & Linda Koluvek

Julie Lawson and Family

Wendy Leece

Ellida Maki

Lee McCullough

Susan & Michael McGuire

Joseph Merkel

Sandra & Joe Moyer

2020 Patrons

2020 Patrons


Miroaki Nakamura

Ursula G. Oien

Janice Coxon Orr

Arlis Reynolds

Nora Sharpe

Bert Smith

Tina Reinemann & Denise Palaferri

Sam & Cindee Watson

Bonnie Winslow

Nancy Ypma

Our very special friends

Board Officers

President - Donna Stapleton

VP of Programs - Alison Wright

VP of Membership - Cheryl Dollison

Secretary - Judith Lamb

Treasurer - Branka Hubbard

Mesa Verde Bookstore Manager - Michele Jett

Donald Dungan Bookstore Manager - Mary Leshure

Immediate Past President - Bob Ooten

Newsletter Editor - Nathan White

Parliamentarian--Katie Crawford

Facebook--Katie Crawford 

Volunteer Coordinator--Mary Ellen Goddard

Website Design--Megan Delaney & Sam Bigelow