About Us

Our Vision

  • To intensify community use and awareness of libraries
  • To sponsor community cultural programs
  • Communicate community needs to the libraries
  • Create public support to expand library programs
  • Encourage gifts, endowments and library memorials
  • Financially assist needed library purchases

The Friends Support Our Libraries By

  • Stimulating community awareness and use of our libraries
  • Creating public support for our libraries and the services they provide
  • Supporting legislation favorable to our libraries
  • Funding programs and materials not covered by library budgets
  • Sponsoring speakers and programs of interest for all ages

Benefits of Membership in the Friends

  • As a member of the Friends, your voice will be heard on library issues - and together our voices become louder as our membership grows
  • You receive The Binding, the quarterly newsletter of the Friends of the Costa Mesa Libraries
  • You will have opportunities for joining others in volunteer activities
  • Membership brings many rewards, including the knowledge and sense of fulfillment that comes with supporting an important and vital community resource - our Costa Mesa public libraries!

Please consider becoming a Friend!

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The Binding

Our quarterly newletter, The Binding , is full of the Friends latest news and information.  Please take a look at our latest edition:

The Binding - Fall 2018 (pdf)





Judy & Norman Ablett

John D Adams, Jr.

Susan & Richio Aikawa

Charlotte & Richard Alexander

Laura Anderson & Ted Schulman

Toby & Peter Baran

Kathy & Jess Bequette

Carolyn Bjork

Darcy & Ross Bolton

Millie & Myron Bonca

Dale Braun

Wendy Bryan

A.A. & Audrey Burnand

Chris Cameron & Bill Butler

Stephanie Campbell

LuAnn & Rick Campo

Ken Cave

Victoria Chau

Laetitia & Harvey Chernik

Tracey & Hugh Daschbach

Barbara Davia

Victoria Davis

Marian & Pete Dickey

Joan M. Donahue

Susan Baer Epstein

Patricia Evans

Lois & James Fisher

Kathryn & James Fitzpatrick

Marilyn M. Fry

Joanne C. Gant

Sydney & Larry Gielow

Mary Ellen & Art Goddard

Tamar & Dan Goldmann

Elizabeth Grant

Anne Hinkle

Cheryl Hosman

Ruby Hunt

Debby & Terry Koken

Sue & Kurth Krause

Judith & Andy Lamb

Barbara & Mark Les

Gina Lesley

Susan Lester

Rachel Levin

Nora M. Lusk

Lois Machida

Setsuko Malora

Janette Manderson

Carolyn Marsh

Jeff Mathews

Audrey McLaughlin

Linda Mitchell

Robert Mohr

Barbara & Steve Morihiro

Brion Munsey

Joan Murphine

Crystal Nay

Sherrie & Darrell Neft

James M. Neighbors

Dolores N. Nevins

Minh Nguyen

Thuc X. Nguyen

Cheryl & Bob Ooten

Sue Paskerian

Elizabeth V. Pattison

Melissa & Danial Pietenpol

Cynthia Reynolds

Lene & Jim Righeimer

John D. Rittenhouse

Carolyn Russell

Dianne Louise Russell

Tehnaz & Richard Rutledge

Barbara & Dan Rycroft

Tina & Ken Ryder

Terry Sanders

Arlene Schafer

Laurie Schoner

Marilyn & Terry Shaw

Willa Sigler

Margaret Smith

Gene Stanley

Dean & Donna Stapleton

Paula & Jude Sturman

Katherine & James Tamburro

Trinh-ai & Robert Tasedan

Barbara Thibault

Carolyn Thomas

Pauline Thomas

Aniz Uhler

Laurie & Larry Weichman

Jane & Forrest Werner

Kathleen West

Ann & Don Williams

Joyce Woerner

Van O. Wright

Kathie & Ray Young


Louisa Arnold

Karen & Joe Barloon

Kathy & Jess Bequette

Carol Bernstein

Sharon & George Boudreau

Chloe & Edward Conti

Megan Delaney

Doreen Dzaman

Cheryl Fletcher

Jack Ganoung

Mary & Jerry Hornbuckle

Larry Howell

Linda Gay Koluvek

Julia Lawson

Ellida Maki

Susan & Michael McGuire

Sharon Lee Macgurn

Shedrick Moore

Sandra & Joe Moyer

Ursula G. Oien

Janice Coxon Orr

Deborah & David Rector

Tina Reinemann & Denise Palaferri

Arlis Reynolds

Ellen Schlosser

Betty-Jo Steel

Conrad Tetrault

Sam Watson

Erleen Wilson

Bonnie Winslow

Nancy Ypma

Board Officers

President - Donna Stapleton

VP of Programs - open

VP of Membership - Tracey Daschbach

Secretary - Judith Lamb

Treasurer - Branka Hubbard

Mesa Verde Bookstore Manager - Michele Jett

Donald Dungan Bookstore Manager - Mary Leshure

Immediate Past President - Bob Ooten

Library Foundation Committee--Charlene Ashendorf and Barbara Steck

Newsletter Editor--open

Outreach Committee--Olga Renolds

Parliamentarian--Katie Crawford

Public Relations / Facebook - Darrell Neft 

Volunteer Coordinator--Mary Ellen Goddard

Website Design--Megan Delaney & Sam Bigelow