Welcome to the Next Chapter - Dungan Library 2019

The mission of the Foundation Committee is to promote and support the building of new libraries in Costa Mesa through interaction with City government, media, and the local community.

The role of the Foundation Committee is to commit to the vision, mission and values of the Friends of the Costa Mesa Libraries.


Ground breaking for the new Dungan Library, the first phase of the Lions Park Projects, took place on July 28, 2017.  Attended by City officials, community leaders and local residents, this new two-story, 20,000 square foot library building is being celebrated as an exciting new chapter in the improvement of services of the West Side of Costa Mesa.  It will include a renovated Neighborhood Community Center, and additional programmed park open space for community events, education, and family activities.


Foundation Committee Members

  • Charlene Ashendorf, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Steck, Co-Chair
  • Dale Braun
  • Norma Crosby
  • Mary Ellen Goddard
  • Donna Stapleton

We hope that you will return to this page often for updates on the new library, including construction progress, community events and fundraising opportunities.  

We welcome your input!  For more information or to join the efforts of the Foundation Committee, please contact Charlene Ashendorf or Barbara Steck

If you would like to learn about the Lions Park projects, or how to donate to this initiative, click:

Lions Park Projects